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Here at John Tucci & Associates we specialize in concrete restoration for over 30 years. Over periods of time concrete tends to spall or wear, deteriorate, and crack. No matter how bad your concrete is, John Tucci & Associates offers you a more time and cost efficient way to repair your concrete rather than replacing it. We offer special custom coatings, i.e., epoxy, poly-ester, vinyl-ester, urethane, and polyurea resins, depending on the use and abuse that takes place in your environment. When restoring your concrete, a custom blended resin system can be created to fit your concrete restoration needs.


At John Tucci & Associates we know safety is a significant concern for many shop and business owners. Slips, spills, or falls are often things you can't afford, both monetarily and ethically. Our floors can prevent accidents from happening even if they are exposed to moisture, precipitation, or oily residue. Our custom installed floors meet all USDA, FDA, and OSHA standards as well. Since we manufacture, install, and restore floors exclusively in-house, we guarantee that each flooring application meets the highest standards of quality. Furthermore, you are safeguarded with a one-source warranty on both products and workmanship. In addition to manufacturing floors, John Tucci & Associates, Inc. can solve a wide variety of problems you may be experiencing and here's how!

Site Assessment - This allows our flooring specialists to become better acquainted with the flooring system in question and affords them invaluable insights on how best to proceed with your flooring project.

Flooring Options - After the flooring assessment has been completed by our in-house flooring specialists, we are now able to provide a wide array of coating options and flooring opportunities to be later implemented.

Materials & Scheduling - The quality and longevity of a flooring system are only as reliable as the materials that are comprising it; we use only choice and high-quality flooring products and materials during our flooring projects.

Installation & Repairs - When we boast "full-service" regarding our flooring options, we mean just that! Our flooring technicians have decades of flooring experience in many areas: flooring installations, flooring upgrades, flooring designs, and flooring repairs!

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Regardless of whether your flooring project calls for "minor-to-middling" repairs and patchwork to your property's layout & flooring system. Or if your property is in the beginning stages of construction and you're opting to design/install a custom Flooring system; you can rest assured that the decades of flooring expertise and the countless flooring projects we've been responsible for will ensure your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.



Ensuring your property's flooring is properly & professionally installed, regardless if the property is on a commercial or residential scale, is something our flooring experts here at John Tucci & Associates take very, very seriously!

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Our flooring specialists here at John Tucci & Associates have been proudly serving our valued customers in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota & Michigan as the premier contractor responsible for professional flooring restoration practices for all property types.

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Our experienced flooring experts are renowned for coupling unparalleled flooring experience with a penchant for innovative flooring solutions to guarantee our local flooring customers are receiving the very best in terms of pricing and quality.

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John Tucci & Associates proudly offers floor patch kits for small in-house jobs.


Our past projects and everyday work speaks for itself. We do what we love, and have gained many satisfied clients along the way.




POLY-CHEM's advanced formula results in a rich, laminated, low-odor (meets all Federal and State emission regulations, including California) flooring system. Not only does it cure in just one hour, but it also performs admirably well in high-traffic, wet, and oily conditions. As many of our other valued clients will attest to, your new flooring will be smooth and seamles, which means it will be easier to maintain its cleanliness and less likely to hide dirt, debris, and bacteria.

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John Tucci & Associates is constantly striving to provide excellent customer service. We welcome all of our clients and potential customers to call us with any questions they might have. You can call us directly during our office hours.

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