A Little History About John Tucci & Associates

For over 30 years John Tucci & Associates, we specialize in professional, minimally invasive concrete restoration. Over long periods of time, concrete tends to spall or wear, deteriorate, and crack. No matter how poor of a condition your concrete is in, Fortified Systems offers our residential and commercial clientele a more time & cost-efficient way to repair your concrete rather than replacing it. We provide specialty custom coatings, i.e., epoxy, polyester, vinyl-ester, urethane, and polyurea resins, depending on the use and abuse that takes place in your environment. When restoring your concrete, a custom blended resin system can be created to fit any of your concrete restoration needs.

Our Areas of Expertise

In order to best serve you, the client, we've taken the time to list out many of the common reasons our flooring and concrete restoration expertise is sought out for. Please keep in mind that through the years, our coverage and capacities have improved and are constantly evolving to this day - this largely entails a level of accommodation and flexibility that few competitors can match! If you have additional inquiries or are unsure if John Tucci & Associates can be of assistance, we encourage you to speak with one of our flooring experts as soon as possible.