We can help, regardless of whether your flooring project calls for "minor-to-middling" repairs and patchwork to your property's layout & flooring system. Or if your property is in the beginning stages of construction and you're opting to design/install a custom Poly-Chem Flooring system; you can rest assured that the decades of flooring expertise and the countless flooring projects we've been responsible for will ensure your project progresses smoothly and efficiently.





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How Does it Work?
We approach every commercial or residential flooring installation with a unique, individualized approach that our clients find both refreshing as well as reassuring. When we are enlisted to install or upgrade a customer's current flooring system, our flooring specialists apply the extra/necessary effort(s) to ensure each flooring client is absolutely satisfied with their flooring installation.




Reliable Flooring Installation
By and large, flooring installations can be very elaborate and involved projects, especially when the flooring system being installed is catered to a more substantial property, such a commercial warehouse or industrial workshop. With that in mind, the added complexity of size and scale can prove challenging for even veteran flooring practitioners; however, our flooring experts here at John Tucci & Associates possess decades of flooring installation experience for both commercial and residential properties, respectively.


How Does it Work?
Factoring the diversity we enjoy with such an extensive clientele list, the reasons many of them recruit our world-class flooring restoration experience are equally as vast and broad. Here are several of the common reasons our flooring restoration services are so highly coveted by our clients.

Improved Safety Standards

Visual Appeal & Aesthetics

Property Value Increase

Updating & Modernization

Old or Outdated Foundation



Reliable Restoration Services
Are you seeking to extend the "service life" of your commercial, residential, or industrial property's current flooring system and do so with cost and time-efficiency in mind? Seek no further than your locally owned and locally operated, one-stop flooring shop, in John Tucci & Associates! Whether you're seeking to restore the property's concrete through our patented Poly-Chem Flooring System or are open to exploring other flooring restoration options, you can rest assured that we are your absolute best bet when it comes to flooring & concrete restoration for all property types: industrial, agricultural, municipal, commercial, and residential!


Our Fortified Process
As has been stated before, we've embraced that fact the each flooring client we have is inherently unique and different; which in turn translates into a very diverse and broad flooring spectrum that our flooring specialists here at John Tucci & Associates are tasked with being responsible for. Much to our favor! Here's how we've helped our flooring clients in the past:

Meet & Greet

Flooring & Site Assessment

Floor - Mapping, Layout, Design

Flooring - Materials, Scheduling, Permitting

Installations | Repairs | Restorations | Upgrades


General Flooring Services
Much as our namesake dictates, a home's flooring system can and should be safe, secure, and fortified! Furthermore, a property's flooring system can be easily represented as a direct reflection of the business or homeowner themselves! For years, our flooring experts have been striving to bring out the true potential in our client's flooring systems through our extensive flooring options. By placing customer satisfaction, flooring material affordability, and timely flooring services at the forefront of our flooring coverage, we've been successful in raising the bar for all flooring services in general.